Woman was ‘dead’ for 27 minutes, but as soon as she woke up she scribbled a spine-chilling message…

A woman named Tina suffered a heart attack while hiking with her husband od 30 years, Brian. Her situation was severe and Brian was the first one to perform CPR on her when he noticed she wasn’t breathing. Luckily, he managed to bring her back, but from the moment the ambulance arrived until she was finally transported to the hospital, Tina almost died multiple times. Medics needed to resuscitate her a total of six times. That made Tina being “dead” for 27 minutes overall.

Once doctors provided her with the much-needed medical treatment, this mother of four was still on the verge of death and unable to speak. Brian prayed for Tina day and night. He begged God to save her and return her to him. When doctors told him she finally regained her consciousness, he knew his wish was granted.

Tina was still vulnerable. Gathering strength, she gestured for a pen and paper. The doctors and her family knew she had something very important to say. When they handed her the pen, she wrote something chilling on the piece of paper. Those who were present said her words sent chills down their spine.

For her miraculous survival, her near death experience, and her chilling message go to the video below.

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Love and Peace!

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