Woman saves abandoned chick from smashed egg – 1 yr later, her transformation shocks everyone

One day back in the summer of 2014, Susan Hickman was out walking when something caught her eye. There on the ground, she saw found a cracked eggshell.

Susan almost kept walking, but for some reason, she decided to stop and see if there was anything inside.

And to her surprise, there was!

When she looked inside, Susan found a newborn chick inside. He didn’t have any feathers and his eyes were closed.

Susan looked around to see if there was a nest nearby but couldn’t find one.

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Susan knew that if she left the chick there, he wouldn’t survive alone, so she decided to try to save him.

Taking care of a baby bird isn’t easy, though. For the first two weeks, Susan had to feed the bird every 20-30 minutes from sunrise to sunset.

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It was an exhaustive process, but Susan refused to give up. She felt a strong bond with the chick and used a small medicine dropper to make sure he got the nutrition he needed.

Image Source: YouTube

The bird was a real fighter, and managed to survive the first day…

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… And the next day, too.

Susan soon named him Klinger.

Image Source: YouTube

He opened his eyes.

He got feathers…

Image Source: YouTube

… and eventually, he grew into a large, stately bird.

Talk about a transformation!

Image Source: YouTube

During his recovery, Klinger became an essential part of the family.

He got lots of love and care and in return, he brought joy into Susan’s life.

Image Source: YouTube

Being a true animal lover, Susan decided to release Klinger back into the wild when he was big enough.

Image Source: YouTube

But she also realized that Klinger was domesticated now. He was completely unprepared for life in the wild and wouldn’t survive on his own.

Image Source: YouTube

So Susan decided that Klinger simply had to stay with her.

And Klinger doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

Image Source: YouTube

Find out more about Susan and Klinger’s story in this video:

Isn’t it wonderful that Susan spotted Klinger and was able to save him! Share if this lovely story moved you, too!

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