Wisconsin Dairy Queen Puts Up ‘Politically Incorrect’ Sign, Owner Stands By His Decision

A Dairy Queen restaurant in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, has gained attention for a sign displayed in its front window, which has now gone viral. The sign proudly declares the restaurant’s stance as “politically incorrect” and highlights its practice of using greetings like “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Easter,” and “God Bless America.” Additionally, it shows support for the American flag, gratitude towards the troops, and offers free sundaes to military veterans on Veterans Day.

Franchise owner Kevin Scheunemann defended the sign, stating that he hung it nearly four years ago to be transparent about the owner and staff’s beliefs in supporting God and country. According to Scheunemann, he put up the sign after a customer complained about Christian music playing in the restaurant. Since then, the sign has not caused any other issues.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

The sign recently went viral after a guest from Oregon posted a picture of it on Facebook, expressing concerns about the seemingly exclusive ideals conveyed in the message. The original post garnered significant attention before being taken down.

While some people are in agreement with the sign’s message, others have resorted to personal attacks against the person who shared the picture and voiced their opinions. However, local business owners support Scheunemann’s decision to display the sign, asserting that customers have the choice not to enter the establishment if they disagree with its principles.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Local residents in the small community of Kewaskum seem to accept the sign without issue, believing it reflects the owner’s personal views. Dairy Queen, as a corporation, clarified that they do not endorse Scheunemann’s approach and emphasized that the sign represents the views of this independent owner only. The company stated that they expect all franchisees and employees to treat every customer with dignity and respect, regardless of their beliefs.

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This Post Has 47 Comments

  1. Stick by your decisions, the world is only going to get worse. I applaud you for your conviction. God bless you and your family.

  2. So happy someone has taken on the few who seem to be so offended by what our country represents. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, traditions, DEMOCRACY! If ya don’t like it here, don’t change us! Just go back to wherever it is you came from! This is OUR country. Let us be Us!

  3. As a 100% disabled Vietnam veteran I thank you for recognizing all of us that served or are serving this country. Considering the treatment I received when I returned from Vietnam I personnel thank you. As for those who whine and complain how many served this country?

  4. Ok DQ corporate the individual owner did not voice an opinion that could be construed by any logical thinking person to as you say: “ treat every customer with dignity and respect, regardless of their beliefs.”.
    They simply stated their beliefs in response to a customers idiotic complaint.

  5. If you pay the owners bills, then by all means complain about the sign. Otherwise get off your high horse. He has every right to display this sign just as you have every right to be ignorant.

  6. why should there be an issue with the sign? i don’t have a problem with it and i applaud Mr. Schuenemann for it.

  7. The snowflake from Oregon should not venture out of their state. They may encounter someone with common sense who is not afraid to express their freedom of opinion in this country. We all know snowflakes are delicate and are not used to having to deal with people who don’t believe in the woke agenda.

  8. I think it’s a good sign.
    The owner should be able to put up whatever sign he wants to put up. I am a veteran and I believe in God.

  9. Since when is it politically incorrect to be patriotic and a Christian, if this wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  10. The owner was stating his beliefs that’s all. I would proudly walk into this Dairy Queen for it’s beliefs. This country is getting too bent out of shape over stupid stuff. Why is it wrong for the owner to post this sign and not for the people who disagree with it. He said nothing on the sign about treating any customer differently. People have a choice enter or leave. Simple as that. Why do people have to try and make something out of nothing.

  11. I’m proud of this business owner! At least he’s not afraid to speak his truth. WE HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN AMERICA. WHETHER SOME PPL THINK SO OR NOT !!!

  12. There is nothing wrong with that sign. Nowadays there is always something that offends people. If you don’t like it go eat somewhere else. Plain and simple. Move on!!!

  13. I stand with the owner, that you must stand up for your beliefs. Showing your Christian beliefs in who you believe in is your American right. Those that don’t agree have the right of not eating there.

  14. God bless you sir! You are a true patriot and we appreciate your sign and your attitude! I have to say as a veteran, a Christian, and a patriot! Thank you and Bravo!

  15. Need more companies to do the same. Ime to stand up to these people that has nothing better to do than complain. They focus more on getting right with God than worrying about a sign. I’m very proud of this company standing up for what they believe. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you. God Bless America

  16. The left hates America,American morals,beliefs and respect for Patriots. Isn’t it amazing that only the left protests signs. If you don’t like the sign don’t go into the business. If a majority of the people that don’t like the sign he will go out of business,if not his business will grow.

    The left hate the first Amendment, if someone speaks and it don’t go along with the Democrat party agenda

  17. This STILL is America, right?!?! Good for him! I’m sick & tired of other nationalities coming HERE and trying to change things! Love it or Leave it!

  18. I love what he did it should be on every American business or leave the country or don’t go to the establishment.

  19. I agree with the sign kudos to the owner just like stated in the in the message if they don’t agree with his views, they can go somewhere else. It’s simple as that they have a choice but these people who get butt hurt over every little thing it’s just ridiculous, it just shows that the Lord is coming soon very soon sooner than you think.

  20. Totally agree with this statement and if you don’t!! This is OK just don’t Stop Everyone Has a Right to Choose Their Choice Of Religion And Freedom 🙏🙏💯💯

  21. GOOD FOR HER!! America needs to come back to her values. I would love to see more businesses do the same. Let’s be the America God gave us.
    God bless one and all!

  22. So way is it that we as proud Americans we have to bite your tongue to make the people happy if they would just leave their unhappy attitudes to them selves. Let others enjoy their happiness their beliefs

  23. Its back on the customer if that sign offenses them, they can go elsewhere to eat. To me the owner has rights too.Everyone has beliefs and opinions You can take or leave it

  24. I totally support this DQ owner and I agree with DQ that all customers should be treated respectfully. Likewise, customers need to be respectful to business owners and their employees as well.

  25. I would work for an establishment that has such good moral standards. He as the owner of that Dairy Queen has politely let people know how he feels and it’s up to those same people to decide what to do with that information.

  26. I love it!! If people living in this country don’t like it, then either don’t go there or MOVE OUT of our country!!!

  27. I totally agree with the owner of this franchise. He is just expressing his concern for the country. If you don’t like the sign don’t eat there. The Liberals are destroying the country along with anyone of the Democratic Party. We need to help our veterans not push to side to help other nations with their problems. Fix our country first!!!

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