Wendy’s Manager Stole $20,000 After Inventing A ‘Ghost Employee’ She Clocked In And Out For 128 Shifts

Linda Johnson, a former manager at Wendy’s, devised a clever yet illegal scheme by creating a ‘ghost’ employee named ‘William Bright’ to siphon off $20,000 in wages.

She meticulously clocked this fictitious employee in and out for 128 shifts, a ruse that went undetected for nearly a year.

The woman worked at a Wendy’s in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.Credit: Getty Images / Dan Tian

Operating out of Pennsylvania, Johnson’s fraudulent activity involved clocking in ‘William Bright’ from June 2021 until May of the following year, when her deceptive actions finally came to light.

The scheme raised suspicions when fellow employees reported they could not recall ever working alongside someone by that name.

Upon investigation, Johnson confessed to fabricating the employee for the sole purpose of diverting the wages to herself.

The Manheim Township Police Department confirmed that the ill-gotten gains were funneled directly into Johnson’s Cashapp account.

Following the revelation of her crime and the initiation of criminal charges, Johnson vanished, prompting police to seek assistance from the public in locating her.

Credit: Lancasteronline

The audacity of Johnson’s actions sparked a wave of reactions on social media, with some admiring the ingenuity of her plan.

“I’m not gonna lie, this is smart as hell. You can’t even be mad at her. 128 shifts without anyone noticing this ‘new employee’ is insane LMAO,” remarked one individual, highlighting the boldness of the scam.

Another person added, “I respect the hustle,” indicating a grudging admiration for her tactics.

Speculation arose regarding whether Johnson had accomplices within the staff, with comments suggesting, “She wasn’t doing it alone, she must have been sharing the benefits with other staff.”

The fallout from Johnson’s scheme led the restaurant’s insurer to compensate with a significant payout of $16,000.

This incident occurred alongside other strange happenings in the fast-food world.

One such event involved a McDonald’s employee who was arrested right at the restaurant for violating probation. This dramatic scene played out in front of surprised customers, adding to the series of unusual events in the industry.


After reportedly neglecting requests to report for parole, authorities contacted the restaurant, asking for the employee to return home.

However, his manager insisted he continue working. The police arrived shortly after and arrested the employee at the restaurant.

It was revealed that the individual had been evading law enforcement for five years and faced arrest for failing three drug tests.

They had intended to surrender at the next probation meeting but were apprehended beforehand. Sharing the ordeal on Reddit, the employee recounted:

“The police came in, four of them, three not in uniform and one with khakis and sheriff vest.”

“They make their way to back booth and take me out the back door. I no longer have a job now,” highlighting the abrupt end to their employment.

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