Think you’ve got what it takes? Test your skills and guess these 7 mystery items!

Every week, we post photos of beautiful antiques our readers come across. And sometimes we encounter things that baffle us. This is where our wonderful readers can help. Help him see these seven mysterious objects and identify them. Thank you for your keen eye and wealth of knowledge.

Mysterious Item 1: Bruvette Ferrari 2



Madeleine Levaggi sent us a photo of this interesting object. She checked with the South Carolina Cotton Museum and learned that this was not a cotton gin as some people thought. The logo says “Brevetto Ferrari 2”. Any ideas what this is?

Mysterious Item 2: Heritage Treasure

Teresa Goulet Crane has inherited these items and would like to learn more about them. Can you help me solve the mystery of these interesting heirlooms?

Mysterious Item 3: Unidentified Object

Eileen Samuels stumbles upon this mysterious object and wants to investigate it further. If you have any information or ideas about what this is, please share your thoughts.

Mysterious Item 4: Removable Media

Bonnie Voight was intrigued by this unique object, which resembles a removable coaster. Do you have any thoughts or knowledge about this interesting work? Mysterious Item

5: Alternative Appearance

Karen Blondin gave us a different perspective on the subject she was trying to identify. Do you have any tips or suggestions to help solve this mystery?

Mystery Item 6: Mystery Item

Thea North is intrigued by these mysterious objects. Can you tell me what they are? Mystery Item

7: I need help!

Reenie Ruggle Vermillion is in desperate need of help. This item has a visual indicator on the side and a conical bottom with a tap. Any ideas about its purpose?

Mysterious Object 8. A heavy glass object.
The person shared a photo on Reddit of a glass object placed on a wooden table. They said it was very heavy, had no marks, and had a very narrow opening at the top. What could happen?

Answer: A genius netizen solved the mystery of this strange glass object using two words: oil candle. You didn’t see that coming, did you? We welcome you to share your ideas, knowledge and suggestions on these fascinating topics. Thank you for being a valued part of our community.

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