They were on a hike with their 5-year-old boy and their pit bull. Suddenly they saw the dog jump at full speed on the boy’s chest

A pit bull named Duke became a hero by making a gesture that amazed an entire community.

The McNally family in Montana adopted Duke from a dog shelter when he was only 8 months old. The parents and their 5-year-old son, Robert, are passionate about nature and go on long hikes in the mountains whenever they have the opportunity. Duke loves hiking and enjoys every time he goes with his family through the woods or to the river.

One day, the parents, Robert and Duke set off for the mountains, hoping to reach a cabin before dark. Towards evening, they stopped to rest a little, near a forest road. The two husbands sat in the shade of a tree, and Robert was playing nearby when suddenly, they saw Duke jumping at full speed on Robert and knocking him to the ground. The child’s father got scared and immediately ran to see what was happening. Robert was lying on the ground crying, and Duke was barking loudly.

When he looked better, the man noticed that Duke was fighting a rattlesnake. It seems that Robert had taken the snake in his hand, and Duke realized the danger and jumped on the boy to protect him and make him let go of the snake.

Dad started crying when he realized that Duke had saved the child’s life.
Following this incident, Duke was bitten by the snake, so the McNallys took him to the hospital. Apparently the snake hadn’t been able to get much into Duke’s body, and the dog was rescued by doctors.

“If it weren’t for Duke, Robert would certainly have been bitten by the snake and there is a very high risk of death. We are grateful for Duke’s life for his courageous gesture. He knows we love him very much, but the connection between us will be even closer from now on. “

The McNallys said they would not give up hiking in the mountains, but they would certainly be more careful and not let Robert stray too far from them.

Another pit bull proves that this breed is a wonderful one that loves its family and is able to give its life to protect family members.

We need to promote positive things more often in order to change people’s perception of this dog breed that is so misjudged.

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