There’s a haunted town in America that’s been entirely abandoned and is illegal to visit

Gruesome stories of haunted towns and cities exist from coast to coast, including one that’s illegal to visit, Dudley Town in Connecticut.


Although many things divide or bring people closer together, one thing that almost always invokes an opinion is ghosts. For some, there’s no possible way that ghosts could be real. Meanwhile, others swear that they’ve been in the presence of one. Either way, it’s fun to speculate. However, a haunted town in Connecticut has been deemed in such despair that it’s illegal to visit.

Twisted History of a Haunted Town

The haunted town in Connecticut has an interesting and complex history that some have speculated dates as far back as the 1500s. However, Dudleytown, Connecticut, wasn’t settled until the 1740’s and 50’s, eerily in a valley called Dark Entry Forest, perhaps a coincidence. Perhaps not. Interestingly, the haunted town was abandoned in the 1800s.

A Story of Legend

Dudleytown was first settled by Thomas Griffis who was later joined by Gideon Dudley. His family followed shortly after, and by 1753, the Dudleys were on a mission to find a fresh start. Some even believe that the story began, tracing all Dudley lineage back to one “a Saxon named Dudd” Legend has it, Gideon Dudley fled to America hoping to avoid a longtime family curse after his father was beheaded. Unfortunately, the Dudleys are believed to have been partaking in a sort of dark magic involving a mythical book thought to open the gates of hell.

As a result, some have speculated they and anyone with whom they came into contact were doomed. Therefore, onlookers attribute the town’s numerous, unexplainable tragedies to the curse that the Dudleys had so desperately tried to outrun. Throughout its short-lived history, the haunted town had a reputation for repeated murders, suicides, or failed businesses.


Bizarre Circumstances in a Haunted Town

While there are countless unexplained phenomena, a few of the most interesting include a family who all faced sudden doom after their relative Nathaniel Carter moved to Dudleytown. Six of his relatives died of cholera and the rest were killed upon fleeing town and settling in New York. Meanwhile, another resident, William Tanner, is rumored to have been plagued by “creatures coming out of the woods at night”. Nearly 50 years later, General Herman Swift lost his wife when she was unexpectedly struck by lightning. It’s said that the “grief-stricken” general died shortly after. With more and more strange reportings, deaths, and failed businesses, the town had become virtually abandoned by 1900.

In contrast, the 1920’s brought about a potential glimmer of positivity for the desolate and seemingly haunted town. Philanthropists began using the land to reforest after decades of agricultural use had damaged the soil. Although it’s still used for that purpose today, the town’s reputation took another bizarre turn. In the 1970’s the seemingly haunted town’s reputation took another bizarre turn, declared demonically possessed in the 1970’s.

Change on the Horizon

However, a potential glimmer of light was on the horizon for the seemingly haunted town when Dr. William Clarke stumbled upon it in 1918 and deemed it an ideal vacation home. Oddly, his wife also reported “creatures in the forest.” This pivotal moment seemed to shape the haunted town’s future because from then on; it’s been preserved by the “Dark Entry Forest Association”. Upon leaving the town, Dr. Clarke helped to create the association for philanthropists, helping reforest the land after years of soil damage due to agricultural use. Although it’s still used for that purpose today, the town’s reputation took another bizarre turn. In the 1970s, the seemingly haunted town’s reputation took another bizarre turn, declared ‘demonically possessed.’

There’s Always a Skeptic

On the other hand, skeptics like Dr. John F. Leich, don’t believe in any of the stories. He’s been a resident of the Dark Entry Forest Valley since 1952. “My wife and I have been spending summers here since 1952,” Dr. Leich said. “There are approximately 50 shareholders in the Dark Entry Forest Association and about 20 houses, and none of us have seen anything strange or supernatural.”

Conservation Efforts Prohibit Visitors

Ghost stories don’t seem to be enough to deter visitors, as many continue to venture out into the haunted town. Some came back with reports of strange sensations, like that of someone reaching out for them. Meanwhile, others are simply reprimanded for trespassing, and sent home with no ghoulish tales to share—either way the seemingly haunted town is highly monitored and therefore off limits to the public.

A Journey through Haunted Towns

While the outcome of the town is a bit disappointing for fans of all things spooky, there are plenty of other places in America that have also been deemed terrifying or intriguing. Sadly, the history of the US is splattered with blood. As a result, there are many places in which it is believed the negativity left behind from the gruesome deaths, treatment, and torture that is weaved throughout the history of America.

New Orleans, Louisiana, has a reputation for being the most haunted town in America. Its conflicting history is riddled with both glamor and despair. The city, known for its zest and liveliness, also hosts some dark secrets like suicides, hauntings, and dark magic. With such a deep and rich history, the whole city celebrates its diversity and embraces every corner of its culture. Fortunately, they graciously share with the general public access to their history and hauntings, in many cases with a required tour guide.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia, is another haunted town that prides itself on the possibility of offering guests and visitors an unforgettable experience. Many of their businesses have been featured in shows like Ghost Hunters. Meanwhile, visitors can rent alleged haunted hotel rooms or frequent haunted bars to catch a glimpse of the past.

A Haunted Town on the Other Coast

Portland, Oregon, and even Los Angeles, both boast seemingly haunted bars and hotels where guests can take guided tours. Hop on a bus to ride through haunted neighborhoods. Or learn the history of towns once riddled with crimes of passion, jealousy, and utter insanity.

Seemingly haunted towns exist from coast to coast. While the lure of Dudleytown, Connecticut is undeniable, so is the need for forest preservation. Fortunately, many towns and cities have a reputation for being haunted, or at least having ghost stories from old hospitals, schools, and hotels that can be explored without disturbing rural forest areas.

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