There are as many as thirteen children in this family, all lined up in a row. Now look at the car…

You won’t see this anywhere else…

In those days, a large number of children, which is considered large now, but was not considered then, was the absolute norm. Now it will be very rare to see this.

Having children, even one or two, is still a challenge.

Now most families have 1-3 children. It’s like the old days! When our grandparents grew up in families with 6-10 children!

In the 1920s, this family, living in Boston, USA, came to the attention of local photographer Leslie Jones of the Boston Herald-Traveler magazine.

The family consisted of a mother, father, 10 girls, 2 boys and a baby, whose gender, unfortunately, is difficult to determine from the photo.

The older children were already teenagers at the time these photographs were taken, and the youngest, judging by the photo, was then about four years old (if you don’t take into account the baby in his mother’s arms).

Lots of kids! Surely they had to do a lot of housework, learn to share, and wear things for their elders. But it seems they managed to establish life in their little world.

Mom and dad were probably proud of their offspring.

What does it cost just to polish all your shoes! Like any other family, they had their own system in everything.

For example, this family only had one car. But they figured out a way to fit all the members into it.

We hope that they only drove this way for short distances, because it is not safe! Although times were different, and cars were less fast.

Naturally, there was no talk of car seats for children then!

They were crazy about the car, but about the same umbrella… Not so much!

But at least they tried!

How nice it is to look at photos like this! They clearly convey the atmosphere prevailing in the family.

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