The Parents Furious Restaurant Put This Sign On The Door

Families are typically made up of older and younger children. Families enjoy going out to eat together occasionally.

This implies that the young children may behave like children when dining in a public setting. Little children can occasionally be a bit messier and more boisterous while they wait for their classmates to finish their meal.

Simply said, you should anticipate those things when dining at a family-friendly establishment.

It’s well known that some fast food establishments are more suited for families than others. But you can only image how shocked these families with young children were to visit a specific Arby’s in Minnesota.

There was a sign on the door of this specific Arby’s that was visible to everyone.

Kids will be kids, and some kids behave better than others. Some kids are well behaved when taken out to eat and some are not.

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This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Shouldn’t have to put up a sign. Some parents just have unruly little brats!! And it’s their own fault for not making them mind in the first place and giving them every dam thing when they throw a fit. Good ole a&& spa■king took care of that in my generation.

  2. Good. If your kid can’t behave, take them home. Everybody around you doesn’t want to ruin their experience by your out of control little one. It’s all about respect. Kids are noisy, there’s a different with that and downright out of control. You made them, now have respect for others or bye bye.

  3. Whoever wrote this note should grow up and stop acting like a not-well-behaved “grownup”. Believe it or not, parents and other caregivers would like our children to behave nicely when going out to eat, but we are also realistic. Kids do not have the attention span and/or coordination for the owner of that note’s standards all of the time. If I were your parent, I would be embarrassed!

  4. I do not blame the owners for the sign. I have witnessed children misbehaving so badly, and parents ignoring their behavior, causing terrible messes and damages to the point spoiling other family’s dining experience. To allow a spoiled child create such unpleasant atmosphere for others is rude, disrespecting and callous. Keep them home if you can’t respect others property.

  5. If you cannot control your children at a restaurant then you should stay at home and let them get their food as over your floors and table. I agree with Arby’s they have nothing to apologize for. My kids were made to be respectful when they went out no matter where they went or who they went with.respect begins at home

  6. I spend good money from my small budget to treat myself for a meal out and I do NOT appreciate children misbehaving while I’m out dining. The non-parenting/non‐disciplinary parents are the problem, not the children! The children do as they are taught. If the child is misbehavior take them to the bathroom or outside to reprimand them – as many times as necessary to get the point across, to when you ask the child if they want to go to the bathroom, the child changes their behavior for the better. This way the other diners are not subject to their meals being disturbed. Until this behavior is accomplished – leave them at home with Grandparents or a sitter.

  7. When I was little we knew if we acted like brats we would not be allowed to go to a restaurant again. It is up to parents to teach their offspring to behave and have proper manners. Of course, some adults missed this training too.

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