The old woman tries to cross the road, but they don’t want to give way to her.

The teenage boys loved rollerblading and cycling in the park for the weekend. The park was in the center of the city and they often filmed different cool cars on the phone, as well as their ride. Once they accidentally filmed how one unscrupulous driver behaved very badly in relation to an elderly woman. The video was soon uploaded to YouTube and received a lot of attention.
An elderly woman walked slowly along the sidewalk or went about some business of her own. As she approached the crossroads, she stopped, probably to rest. At this moment, an expensive Mercedes drives up to her at a very high speed. The young man begins to behave impermissibly and uncivilized. HThe young man leaned towards the old woman and tried to tell her something. Passers-by look at what is happening inside and do not understand what is happening. It turns out that the old woman just wanted to cross the road, and the young driver did not have the patience to let her in. These days the youth has lost respect for the elderly. They should be more patient and respectful.

However, the grandmother is resourceful and has a sense of humor. He not only taught that young man a lesson, but also made everyone laugh at him. When an elderly woman noticed that the guy did not want to let her through, and also scolded her for slowly crossing the road, she decided to play a trick on him. He began to cross the road more slowly. When the old woman approached the boy’s car, she used her bag to make the alarm go off and the airbag went off. The boy was squeezed between the steering wheel and the car seat. This was very fun and entertaining. Many people filmed everything that happens on video and uploaded it on social networks. The video went viral and got a lot of views. Users left many comments where they disagreed with the young driver’s actions and also laughed at the ridiculous situation he put the boy in.


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