Stephen “tWitch” Boss Wife Allison Finally Comes Out With A Statement

Allison Holker was compelled to dissolve her marriage after the terrible death of her husband, Stephen “tWitch” Boss, on December 14.

The mother of three reminisced on the effect her husband had on his family and the value he placed on his friends and community in a poignant message she released to announce her husband’s passing.

According to Holker’s words, Stephen placed a high value on his connections with people closest to him. His words lit up every room he entered.” He had an incredible knack for making people happy and at ease in his presence, qualities that will be fondly remembered by many.

As a fervent optimist, Stephen thought it was important to assist others whenever feasible. May we all continue his commitment to enhancing the lives of those around us in his honor.

Allison and all of Stephen’s friends and family were devastated by the tragic death of Stephen. Their trust that their love will live on via the experiences they shared has been strengthened despite how terribly painful his absence has been.

2014 saw Boss seek even further success by working as a DJ for Ellen DeGeneres. In addition to routinely standing in as the chat show’s anchor until its discontinuation in 2022, he was appointed to co-executive producer six years later. Additionally, his appearances as a guest on Ellen’s Game of Games were fun to watch.

Stephen Boss’s unwavering devotion to his family and dedication to his work are legacies that will be treasured for years to come. An attitude shared by his wife, who said, brilliantly, “I’m convinced that there will never be a day when we don’t remember him,” which is something from which we can all take solace in this difficult time.

Just four days before his sudden death, Boss and Holker celebrated their nine years of marriage with a series of social media posts honoring each other. Holker posted an Instagram message expressing profound gratitude for the trip they had taken together.

She stated: “Our tenth wedding anniversary is today! I am honored to be able to commemorate such a significant occasion. Deciding to say yes to my beloved @sir twitch a lot was undoubtedly one of the wisest decisions I have ever made in my life, and I will never take this great connection we share for granted.”

Some of the couple’s married life, including family photos and short videos of them dancing together, was documented on social media.

Their wonderful love and appreciation for one another was reflected eloquently in Holker’s heartfelt message, which was shared with their followers as a result. She expressed her gratitude to Boss for being in her life and her intention to always remember the time they had together.

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