Spice Girls reunite and pose for picture for Victoria’s 50th birthday – fans notice a disturbing detail

The Spice Girls made history being a female pop group that had such a great impact. Even today, years after they disbanded, the women have a big fan group that adores them.

It seems the women still keep in touch, and all of them showed up for Victoria’s 50th birthday. But fans noticed a detail in the picture they shared which could not be ignored. Keep reading to see what it was all about…

Victoria Beckham turned 50 years old last week, and her husband David Beckham made sure to share iconic moments from her fabulous birthday celebration. The Spice Girls reunited for the big birthday and did a surprise performance which Beckham shared on his social media. He wrote in the caption for the iconic video, “I mean come on x @victoriabeckham @melaniecmusic @officialmelb @emmaleebunton @gerihalliwellhorner 💚💛🧡💜💙🩵🩷🤍.”

In the video, the five Spice Girls are doing what they do best: performing! Victoria, along with Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown, and Melanie Chisholm are stand in line and performing their hit song ‘Stop’ along with doing the famous dance moves that go along with it!

While the women perform their mega-hit, David Beckham, and the rest of the room, sing along!


Victoria Beckham also celebrated an amazing birthday celebration. She posted to Instagram with the caption, “Best night ever! Happy Birthday to me! I love you all so much! #SpiceUpYourLife.”

Mel B I (Scary Spice) also shared the video on her Instagram account, teasingly captioning it, “About last night #tourdatescomingsoon.”

The last time the women reunited for a tour was in 2013, but Victoria Beckham had infamously skipped it.


Last month the women celebrated the 30th anniversary of their auditions to be in the Spice Girls. Last month they wrote in a post, “Today marks the 30th anniversary of the very first Spice Girls auditions!” It went on, “What started back in 1994 has turned into an amazing journey, way beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Thank you to our fans for your support from day one #FriendshipNeverEnds.”

Earlier this year, Mel B talked about being a Spice Girl on a talk show as well, touching on the bond the women share. She said to host Jennifer Hudson, “I was a Spice Girl at the age of 17. I’m old. I’m feeling old right now. But it is amazing that we’ve managed to kind of still stay friends. It’s been 30 years. What you go through as a group… you are just welded together for life because you’ve been through such a crazy experience.”

However, it seems some eagle-eyed fans have noticed a detail from a picture from Victoria’s 50th birthday celebration that has rung some alarm bells. A fan quoted a picture of the five women from the night, writing, “Oh, that body language is loud.”

The body language they are talking about is the fact that while four of the Spice Girls are standing close-knit to one another, Mel B seems to be on the outs. While the other four women seem to have one arm around one another, she stands with both her hands behind her back, while Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), who stands next to her, has her hand on her waist, effectively distanceing her from the group.

People read the picture as being excluding on Mel B, who is the only woman of color in the group. Others also pointed out that the one Black woman in the group was given the nickname of ‘Scary Spice.’

Another person wrote down their suspicion that the other women work crop Mel B out of the picture.

But others wanted to point out that it might just be a picture. And that the women are all friends!

It seems people are split on their opinion whether the picture showed a rift between the five women. The rumors of discord between the members have been rife for years but have never been confirmed by the women themselves.

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