Singer Helps Those Identifying As Animals By Leaving Litter Boxes In The Restrooms

If there is one thing that people seem to love online, it’s seeing something controversial. The moment that they have the opportunity to argue about something, they are going to jump in with both feet and start a debate.

This includes one artist on TikTok who has sparked a lot of controversy with her gender-defying activities. Dorian Electra has gotten a lot of attention on that social media platform, but now she has taken things to a new level and is going completely viral.

That United States Singer has gotten the attention she desires on TikTok by putting litter boxes in public restrooms. She does this when she is on tour because she wants to include everyone who is at her concerts.

Most of the people who go to these concerts are gay, but she doesn’t want to leave anyone out. She decided to post this on TikTok, announcing that litter boxes would be provided in all bathrooms on their tour for any concertgoers who identify as animals.

It even went on to say: “Now that’s inclusivity in action.” She gave a big thumbs up.


As she walks up to the bathroom door, you can see that she is standing outside of an ‘all gender restroom’. She takes a sharpie and crosses out the word gender and writes in the word species.

That is when she carries the litter box into the bathroom and puts it on the floor next to the toilet. In a video posted later, they say that they will be cleaning the litter boxes after each show.

This video sparked a lot of controversy and people were arguing on both sides of the debate. It will be interesting to see where this one goes next.

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