She was 32 years old and many thought she was a good driver. There was no reason to suspect anything, but on that horrible day, a terrible incident happened!

Courtney Ann Sanford was regarded by many as an accomplished driver at the age of 32. There was no reason to suspect anything, but on that dreadful day, a terrible incident occurred!

After traveling for many minutes, she turned on the radio and began listening to “Happy” by Pharell Williams, one of her favorite songs. She seemed to be in a great mood… In addition, she loved the song. She took a selfie with her hand on the phone, posted it to Facebook, and did it without stopping to think. The young woman remarked, “This song makes me happy!” beneath the picture.

It was the final action she took! The woman passed away the following instant! And that’s because she did what most motorists do: she didn’t stop the car as she typed on the phone. She carried on without realizing that it was her last moment on earth!

Her vehicle collided with a truck. Despite traveling at only 60 km/h, the force of the impact caused it to be pushed into the ditch and then into a tree at the side of the road. Later, the young woman was stuck inside the burning vehicle and was unable to escape; she burned to death, leaving behind a distraught family.

They learned that the young woman had posted something on Facebook right before the accident after the police informed her relatives. The young woman had posted on Facebook just one minute before the tragic tragedy occurred, according to the law enforcement authorities who examined the phone they were able to recover from the scene unharmed.

“The post was published at 8:33. We were called to immediately act at 8:34,” the cops added.

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