She is a TV star who slept with over 700 men.

Belinda Love Rygier, known from The Bachelor Australia, recently revealed her battle with sex addiction, admitting to sleeping with over 700 men. She confessed her addiction “ruled her life,” going out six nights a week seeking partners. Despite her successful TV career, she hid her addiction well. Belinda has been in recovery for 15 months, recognizing her problem only after healing. She attributes her addiction to past trauma.

Belinda, now practicing sexual abstinence, criticizes society’s misuse of sex for validation. She insists on emotional connections for intimacy. Despite her past, she feels no shame, emphasizing her high sexual desire. She admits being misled by men seeking validation rather than genuine connection.

Transitioning from addict to “love guru,” Belinda now shares wisdom on social media and TV, counseling her followers. She plans to resume sexual activity but only with emotional bonds. Belinda’s journey highlights the need for healthy attitudes toward intimacy in modern society.

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