RIDDLE: Ape Bug Rose Maths Puzzle

Solving a riddle provides numerous benefits.

It sharpens critical thinking and enhances problem-solving skills by challenging your brain to think creatively and logically. This mental exercise boosts memory, concentration, and cognitive flexibility. Successfully solving a riddle gives a sense of achievement, increasing self-esteem and confidence. It also offers a stress-relieving break, diverting your mind from daily worries.

Sharing riddles can strengthen social connections and improve communication. Regularly engaging with riddles keeps your mind active and sharp, potentially delaying cognitive decline with age. Overall, riddles are a fun and effective way to enhance mental agility and well-being.

Check the riddle below:

Can you solve the last equation in the puzzle above?

Finding the solution to this problem requires both creative and analytical thinking.

Scroll down to reveal the correct answer along with an explanation.

Can you solve this?

Check the answer below:

119 is the answer.

Equation 1: 9 + (9 + 9) + 9 = 36 (So the value of APE = 9. Also you can see there are two Ape’s in the middle portion of this equation.

Equation 2: 9 + 9 + 9 = 27 (So the value of BUG = 9. Also you can see there are nine dots above the body of the bug; so each dot has a value of 1.

Equation 3: 12 + 12 + 6 = 30 (So the value of a ROSE = 6. If you look this equation closely, you can see that there are two Roses in the first and second part of this equation.

Equation 4: (1 + 9 + 18) + 13 x 7

In the first part of 4th equation you can see there is an APE and 3 Roses. Also you can see a Dot in the forehead of the Ape which has a value of 1.
In the second part of 4th equation, you can see the bug which has 13 Dots in its body (including 2 dots in both the legs)
In the third part of 4th equation, you can see one Rose with a Dot at its bottom.

=> 28 + 13 x 7

Applying BODMAS rule,
=> 28 + (13 x 7)
=> 28 + 91
= 119

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