Prayers needed for Christie Brinkley as she reveals details about her diagnosis

Supermodel Christie Brinkley revealed details about her health in a recent Instagram post. A lot of people did not have any idea of what she had been going through.

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Christie Brinkley shared how she was lucky that she had been tipped off about the cancerous cells while she had taken her daughter to a skin check-up. She had two daughters, Sailor Brinkley Cook and Alexa Ray Joe. She did not specify which daughter she had been with at the time of the diagnosis. She said while at the appointment, she asked the doctor to take a look at the “tiny little dot” on her temple, but according to her, he “knew immediately it needed a biopsy.”

She used her Instagram platform with her 897,000 followers to remind everyone about the importance of using sunscreen.

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She said, “The good news for you is that all of this can be avoided by being diligent with your sun protection! I got serious a bit late so now for this ole mermaid/gardener, l’ll be slathering on my SPF 30, reapplying as needed, wearing long sleeves and a wide brim hat. And doing regular total body check ups..that is a MUST!” Brinkley advised everyone in the comments, giving her example.

“So make your own good luck by making that check up appointment today. And slather up my friends!” Brinkley told everyone.

The model revealed that she had undergone a procedure to treat skin cancer after she made the discovery while at an appointment for her daughter.

She shared an image of her face before and after she had the cancerous cells removed. She wrote in the caption, “The good news for me is we caught the basal cell Carcinoma early. And I had great Doctors that removed the cancer and stitched me up to perfection like a haute couture Dior.” The pictures were graphic, showing her temple, which was cut open to remove the cancerous cells.

Basal cell carcinoma is a common type of skin cancer which is usually caused. by sun exposure and can cause bumps or lesions to form on the skin, according to Cleveland Clinic.

The Skin Cancer Foundation says that celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Khloé Kardashian, Witney Carson, Teddi Mellencamp, and Andy Cohen have all dealt with skin cancer at one point in their lives.

The model has used her personal tragedy as a lesson for her fans. We are sending her prayers for a quick recovery and good health in the future.

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