Photo agency behind Kate Middleton and Prince William car photo addresses rumors

Ever since Christmas, internet sleuths have been hard at work trying to determine what exactly is going on with Kate Middleton.

Kensington Palace has attempted to clear up the rumors, but, if anything, they’ve made things much worse for the royal family.

Now the photo agency associated with one of the newly released photos of the Princess of Wales has spoken out.

Keep reading to see what they had to say.

Hours after issuing an apology for the edited Mother’s Day photo, Kate Middleton was reportedly spotted with Prince William in a car leaving Windsor Castle on their way to a “private appointment.”


Normally, people would have taken the photo at face value, but given Kate’s confession, many became suspicious and conspiracy theories quickly populated the internet.

Despite countless theories, Goff Photos, the agency responsible for the photo, claims the photo is legitimate.

The “images of the Prince and Princess of Wales in the back of the Range Rover have been cropped and lightened” the agency said in a statement, according to NBC News, on March 12, adding, “nothing has been doctored!”


Like the palace’s previous attempts, the agency’s statement did little to quell the rumors as many continue to remain worried about Kate’s well-being.

Kate was last seen around Christmas, prior to her “planned abdominal procedure,” which led to a 13-day hospitalization.

Whatever is going on with the princess, we do hope she is okay. Please share if you too are worried about her.

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