Only 1 Of These Yokes Is From A Healthy Chicken..Can You Tell Which One?

When eggs are used for a recipe, you might not think about whether they are completely fresh or not. There are some ways that you can tell whether an egg has come from a healthy chicken so that it’s safe to use while cooking.

Most eggs that you see have a yellow yolk.

This is often what people see as a healthy egg. If there was a yolk with a different color, then most people would probably throw it away, refusing to use it as it could be contaminated. When asked what color the yolk should be, many people do say yellow. If you’ve grown up on a farm, then the answer might be a little surprising. There are free range chickens and those that are raised to be sold in stores.

The chickens sold in stores often have the eggs with the yellow yolks. The color of the yolk indicates the number of nutrients that the chicken receives. While yellow is a good color, you want to see a bright orange.

This means that the chicken has been given vitamins and nutrients that have led to a healthy life. If the yolk is of a dark color, then it might mean that there are some nutrients lacking in the diet of the chicken.

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