Nicole Kidman says she ‘absolutely’ believes in God despite her friends teasing her

Nicole Kidman: Embracing Spirituality and Family Values

Despite facing criticism from her friends, celebrated Australian actress Nicole Kidman proudly acknowledges her spiritual side and attends church regularly with her family. The 54-year-old actress, known for her roles in “Big Little Lies” and “Undoing,” has a strong connection to her Irish Catholic upbringing and continues to practice her faith. Nicole, who resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, country music star Keith Urban, is raising their two children, Sunday and Faith, with a belief in God and the values of tolerance and love.

A Spiritual Upbringing

Nicole’s faith has deep roots, as she was raised in a Catholic household by her grandmother, who had a significant impact on her life. This upbringing instilled in her the habit of prayer and spirituality. While she considers herself spiritual and believes in God, she also admits to questioning and exploring her beliefs, showing her open-mindedness.

The Temptation of Becoming a Nun

In a 2018 interview with Allure magazine, Nicole Kidman revealed that she had once been intrigued by the idea of becoming a nun. Despite not pursuing that path, the concept of dedicating herself to spiritual life resonated with her.

Passing Down Faith to the Next Generation

Nicole and Keith are committed to passing down their faith and values to their children, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. Despite facing teasing from friends about their regular church visits as a family, Nicole remains steadfast in her approach to parenting and instilling important principles in her children.

Unpopular Parental Decisions

As a parent, Nicole acknowledges that some of her decisions, such as not allowing her daughters to have phones or Instagram accounts, might make her unpopular among her children’s peers. However, she believes in setting boundaries to protect her children’s well-being.

Embracing Adoption

Nicole’s family extends beyond her biological children. With her ex-husband Tom Cruise, she adopted two children, Connor and Isabelle. Adoption has always felt natural to Nicole, given her mother’s adopted sister, making it a meaningful part of her family history.

Navigating Differences in Beliefs

While Nicole embraces her spirituality, she respects her older children’s decision to follow their father’s religion, Scientology. Despite any differences in beliefs, Nicole loves her children unconditionally and would do anything for them.

Balancing Privacy and Parenthood

Nicole Kidman is fiercely protective of her family’s privacy. She values her relationship with her children and chooses to keep it private, away from public scrutiny. Her children hold a special place in her life, and she prioritizes their well-being and happiness.

Embracing Tolerance and Harmony

Through her spiritual journey and family values, Nicole Kidman exemplifies the importance of tolerance and living in harmony. Despite differing beliefs, the actress advocates for respecting and understanding each other, fostering a world where diverse ideas can coexist peacefully.

Nicole Kidman’s openness about her spirituality and dedication to family values serve as an inspiration to others. She showcases the power of embracing one’s beliefs while promoting tolerance and love. By instilling these principles in her children, Nicole aims to shape a better world for the next generation. Her journey serves as a reminder that we can all find harmony through understanding and respecting one another, regardless of our individual beliefs.

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  1. I’m thrilled that Nicole’s faith was not shaken d/t hub’s Sciontology pressure…I’m sure that was a source of tension. Good that her kid’s names are Sunday and Faith. Best Wishes to the Urbans!!

  2. You go with God always no matter who says anything the day will come when they wish that they believed in God keep your faith going I’m with you God the only waY and truth they will all see when he returns God bless you and family amen

  3. Hallelujah, Nicole and Keith are doing what is right for their precious family! So called friends, should mind their own business, ones Faith is theirs to decide, I agree with parents about, not giving children electronics, they have plenty of time to be corrupted! Stick to your beliefs !!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸👍💚🍀😘😍🌹💖 God bless and protect your family!

  4. F those people! I believe in God and the Lord Jesus Christ! I’m proud of you for speaking out! Too much evil in this world. Those who make fun of you won’t be laughing in the end. Feel pity for them and excuse them from your life. Follow the Lord in all you do. Give prayers of thanks everyday that you are given the breath of life. Satan is here on earth. He is visible in all who scoff and make fun of us for believing in the mightiest power over this universe.

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