Michael Jordan Refuses to Support His Son Marcus Jordan’s Relationship With Scottie Pippen’s 48-Year-Old Ex-wife Larsa Pippen

Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus Jordan has been dating Larsa Pippen for a long while. The two used to be friends earlier, though they started dating in late 2022. Larsa is the ex-wife of NBA legend, Scottie Pippen. There had been some questions about Marcus and Larsa’s age gap. Dating the ex-wife of his father’s former teammate, fans anticipated MJ’s reaction to his son’s dating life.

The couple has been pretty serious, as the two sparked their relationship when they organized a charity basketball match back in May. Not only that, but they also opened up about themselves and their future. Larsa is already a mother of four, as questions about the two having kids have been taking rounds on the internet recently.

Marcus discussed his father’s reaction to him dating Larsa, which as he said was shocking at first. “He tells me all the time, ‘Look you’re an adult. You can make your own decisions for your own thing’, so you know, I just feel like he wants to see me happy”, said Marcus in an interview. Whereas Jordan’s recent reaction tells a different tale.

Michael Jordan might not know about the couple’s future plans

Recently, Michael visited the Matigon in Paris for dinner. While returning, Jordan was asked if he approved of his son dating Larsa. Jordan laughed it off, though when the reporter asked again, he said, “No.”. This was Jordan’s first public reaction to Larsa and Marcus being together.
Michael Jordan and Marcus Jordan Michael Jordan and Marcus Jordan (Credits: Getty)

Not only that but recently the two confirmed that they would be open to marriage in the future. While Michael does know about the two, he might not exactly know what they have planned for their future. While Larsa is already a mother to her three sons and two daughters, she does not mind having another child down the line with Marcus.
Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan (Credits: Instagram)
Michael on the other hand might not have the best reaction if Marcus and Larsa were to marry. The couple has an age gap of 16 years and has addressed the talks around this as well. With Michael and Scottie’s recent controversy and Larsa’s divorce, there is some history behind the couple.

Marcus and Larsa seem to be pretty happy with each other and are expected to tie the knot sometime in the future. Though Michael might not approve of that idea as well, considering his recent reaction. It will be interesting to see what news the couple reveals in the future.

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