Marie Osmond stirs debate after debuting new hair – it’s a ‘drastic change’

Marie Osmond, the iconic singer and beloved TV personality, has sparked a flurry of reactions with her recent style transformation.

Known for her signature brunette locks, the 64-year-old star surprised fans by debuting a stunning new hairdo in a recent video.

Keep reading to see how she is rocking her new look!

After she showed off her new hair in a recent Instagram, Marie’s fans took to social media to comment on the change.

“Wow, you look like a completely different person!” exclaimed one fan, while another curiously asked: “Oh my Marie, why the drastic change?”

“I’m not sure I even recognize you if I ran into you as a blonde. You look like a completely different person [sic],” commented a user. “Blond is definitely not her color! I’m sure it’s just a wig and it’s fun to change your hair color!” chimed in another.

But for Marie, this transformation is more than just a new hair color – it’s about embracing a fresh new look! In an interview with Closer Weekly prior to her hair makeover, she said: “If my hair gets really, really gray and I can’t dye it black anymore, I’ll go blonde!”

Marie opened up about the challenges of DIY hair care during the pandemic. With salons closed, she turned to virtual consultations with her hairstylist for guidance.

“I called her up and I said, ‘How does it look?’ and she goes, ‘You’re right, you really can’t do hair, can you?’” Marie recounted to ET Online.

Credit: Gabe Ginsberg / Getty.

Marie revealed her hairstylist had been her lifeline during that time, guiding her through the process. “She talked me through this. She made me pin this all forward in a ponytail, and she said, ‘Now you pull it over your grays and then they can’t see it,’” Marie explained.

Despite the minor challenges, the ever-positive Marie said she has actually found joy in the adventure of experimentation. “It’s fun because there’s all kinds of ways you can hide things and do things that save time and money [sic],” she reflected.

Amidst the fan reactions to her new blonde look, one stood out: “Oh my God! You really did THAT to your hair?”

Another user added: “Blonde is not you….”

However, amidst the mixed opinions, there were messages of encouragement, with one fan reassuringly commenting: “Surprised to see so many negative comments about the blonde look. You look stunning! Ignore the haters.”

Well, regardless of whether Marie’s blonde hair is a temporary experiment or a lasting change, one thing is for sure – her popularity among fans and audiences remains!

What did you think of Marie’s new look? Let us know in the comments!

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