Man Gets An Adorable Selfie Photobomb

We sometimes find ourselves in surroundings where we want to take a picture. We all have cell phones that allow us to take pictures at a moment’s notice, and to make sure that we are in the photo, we set it on selfie mode.

That is what one man decided to do when he was out on a boat and wanted to show himself in the surroundings. He took out his phone, ready to take a selfie but then he realized he wasn’t alone.

There was something else on the boat behind him that had popped out of the water just in time to be captured in the picture. It was a seal, and the little animal put his face over his shoulder for the shot.

This is one of those moments that only happens once in a lifetime. The man decided that he would skip taking the photo and take a video instead so he made the change and started capturing the encounter.

When you look at the seal in the video, it just looks like he was very happy to be hanging out with the man. Of course, there is usually something else behind the story like this, and it probably had to do with something that may have been after the seal in the water.

Some seals will jump onto a boat to get away from a shark or another creature that is trying to do them harm. Was that the case with this little animal? Nobody knows for sure.

Something else you will notice that is interesting about the video is that they were not very far from shore. Essentially, the boat is up on the sand and they are only about 15 feet out into the water.

Does this mean that a shark was lurking just offshore? We are not sure about that but it is something to consider.

It’s very uncommon for a seal to interact with a human in this way. They can be comfortable around people, but that doesn’t mean that they are ready to get this up close and personal.

If you are ready to watch the adorable video, we have for you right here:


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