John Legend shares adorable daddy-daughter moment, but some are calling it ‘creepy’

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are known for their candid sharing of family moments, often including their four young children. However, a recent Instagram post stirred up controversy when Legend shared a photo of himself and his 13-month-old daughter, Esti, both clad only in tops before the Oscars. While some found the picture adorable, with playful comments about Legend appearing ready for a Zoom meeting, others criticized him for not wearing pants, deeming it inappropriate, particularly given his status as a father.

The backlash against the photo highlighted concerns about respecting boundaries, especially regarding the exposure of children on social media. Some fans expressed discomfort, labeling the image as cringe-worthy and emphasizing the need for careful consideration before sharing such content. This incident underscores the complexities of navigating public and private boundaries in the age of social media, especially for celebrities who often face heightened scrutiny. In response to the criticism, Legend later clarified that he did, indeed, wear pants to the Oscars, addressing the concerns raised by the controversial photo and reaffirming his commitment to maintaining a balance between sharing moments with fans and respecting privacy boundaries.

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