In a restaurant, a 9 years old boy passes a written message to a police officer whose identity is unknown.

Nine-year-old Noah saw a lone police officer sitting at a neighboring table while having breakfast at Denny’s with his mother.

Noah felt anxious at first because he knew he needed to do something, but he wasn’t sure what to do exactly.

He started talking to his mother about how he had seen the policeman and started to make plans.

Noah had always wanted to be a police officer since he was a little child. He asked his mother for permission to say hello to Officer Eddie Benitez.

His mother concurred, of course, but Noah felt so nervous about approaching Eddie that he dared not say anything. A few minutes later, he decided to start an

Noah wrote the following message on the receipt:

“I hope to one day resemble you. I appreciate all of your hard work and assistance. Regards, Noah.

This small gesture of kindness meant so much to Eddie that he keeps the note that Noah wrote him every day as a treasured memento of their meeting.

Eddie gave the following account in an interview with 10 News:

It was quite important. It was a helpful reminder to get out of bed every morning, put on my uniform, and go about my business. It emphasizes how crucial it is to make an effort to lead by example for all of the younger people out there.

The story’s endearing qualities inspired Eddie’s employer, the Lakeland Police Department, to


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