If You Ever Notice A Black Dot On Someone’s Palm, Call The Police Immediately

The Black Dot Campaign: A Silent Call for Help Against Domestic Violence

The Power of a Simple Symbol

The Black Dot Campaign is an initiative that aims to aid victims of domestic violence by providing them with a discreet method to signal for help. Originating on Facebook, the campaign encourages victims to draw a black dot on their palms as a cry for assistance.

“A black dot on the hand can serve as a silent SOS for victims of domestic violence,” said the campaign’s leaders.

A Growing Global Movement

In just the first 24 hours, this grassroots campaign spread globally, reaching over 6,000 people and helping six women find safety away from their abusers. The leaders urge supporters to draw a black dot on their own hands and share a picture online to spread awareness and solidarity.

How It Works

The black dot is aimed at alerting professionals, like healthcare workers and law enforcement, that the individual is at risk but unable to openly ask for help due to the presence or fear of their abuser.

“When you see a black dot on someone’s palm, it’s not just a mark; it’s a call for help. It’s crucial to act and report it to the authorities,” the campaign emphasizes.

A Survivor’s Testimony

One survivor, who was heavily pregnant, used the campaign’s method to escape her abusive partner. While at the hospital for a check-up, she used a moment of privacy to write “HELP ME” on her hand, leading medical staff to intervene and ensure her safety.

“The campaign gave me the idea and the strength to ask for help. I am now safe, thanks to the consultant and the Black Dot Campaign. With just a week left until my due date, I am finally in a safe place,” she said.

Your Role in the Campaign

The campaign calls for public awareness and action. If you see someone with a black dot on their palm, understand the gravity of the situation and take immediate action by notifying the authorities.

The Black Dot Campaign serves as a poignant reminder that even the simplest gestures can be life-changing in the fight against domestic violence. Sharing this information is crucial; you never know whose life you might be saving.

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