How To Take Care Of Invading Lady Beetles

Now, there’s a pretty significant difference between ladybugs and Asian lady beetles. Ladybugs are just relatively cute and good for the environment because they prey on pests. Asian lady beetles also prey on pests, but they’re not as harmless as the average ladybug. They’re invasive, they bite, and there’s a distinct possibility they’ll invade your house in swarms.

source: Pest Wiki

You can tell the difference between a ladybug and an Asian lady beetle a few different ways. An Asian lady beetle has an “M” shape near their head, while a ladybug doesn’t. Asian lady beetles like to come inside your house, while ladybugs prefer to stay outside. Asian lady beetles leave behind an unpleasant yellow liquid and bite, while ladybugs don’t tend to do either of those things.

source: Certified Training Institute / Flickr

Asian lady beetles tend to invade homes when the weather gets cooler. They seek shelter through the nooks and crannies in your home, trying to find someplace warm. Fortunately, one Facebook user found a solution to the Asian lady beetles invading her home, and it was super effective.

source: Plunkett’s Pest Control / Shutterstock / Dreamstime

Autumn McWhorter shared that to solve the problem, mix together two cups of warm water, four tablespoons of sugar, and four drops of liquid dish soap in a mason jar. Leave the mason jar sitting out, and the Asian lady beetles will be attracted to the solution. Once they make their way into the jar, they aren’t able to get out.

So, if you’re sick and tired of pesky Asian lady beetles invading your home, try out this solution for a quick, cheap, and effective hack. Thanks for sharing this great tip, Autumn!

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