How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Home And Yard

The warm weather comes with countless perks, but it also comes with one giant negative — wasps. I don’t know what your experience with wasps has been like this season, but ours has been unpleasant, to say the least. I’ve been stung twice in the last month, once while gardening, and once while sitting on my front porch, minding my own business. Not fun!

source: Insect Cop

If you’ve had a bad experience with wasps this season, or are simply sick of them flying around your yard, this woman’s brilliant method for keeping them away will likely appeal to you. Lex Shuler took to Facebook to share her own wasp solution which has been shared almost 410,000 times to date!

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Lex explains that after having issues with wasps on her front and back porches, she decided to try a method she had read about. All she did was take a brown paper bag and stuff it with some plastic grocery bags to make it puffy. She then tied the bag up high on one of her porches.

After hanging the bag, Lex revealed that her wasp problem disappeared. Apparently, wasps do not like hornets and they think that the brown paper bags are hornet nests. This causes them to leave and stay away.

If you’re having wasp problems of your own, this method is certainly worth a try. It’s cheap and doesn’t require using any harsh or dangerous chemicals — what could be better? Thanks for sharing this helpful knowledge, Lex!

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