How Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are dealing with the separation of their daughters

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are two of the most sought-after and adored superstars in the world, with Nicole frequently involved in filming numerous projects and Keith regularly dazzling audiences with his Las Vegas residency and sweeping globe tour.

Their lives may resemble whirlwinds, their schedules demanding, but they’ve discovered the secret to nourishing their marriage over the years—a reality they’ve repeatedly proven.

While Keith’s artistic resume includes past residencies along the renowned Strip, he couldn’t help but wax poetic about his current assignment during an interview with Extra, attributing its attractiveness to a “freer and more unbridled energy” that urged him to linger.
This symbiotic dance with Las Vegas allows him to combine his creativity and passion.
Turning their attention to family, the star couple, blessed with their cherished daughters Sunday, 14, and Faith, 12, recently took the opportunity to grace the esteemed Oscars hosted in the heart of Los Angeles.

The couple exuded pure delight as they graced the glittering occasion. This evening, they etched its presence as a commemoration because of their joyous reunion and because Keith proudly stood by Nicole’s side as she bestowed the prestigious Best Director award.

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