He’s filthy rich but can’t find a girlfriend!

He’s filthy rich but can’t find a girlfriend!

Joe Cohen, the young CEO of the SelfHacked company in California, is on the lookout for a good girlfriend and is offering $10,000 to anyone who can help. Additionally, he is giving out $2,000 to anyone who can put him in touch with someone else who can put him in touch with a woman.

The 30-year-old Cohen has written a very intricate dating advertisement for his blog, explaining why he chose this odd method of meeting women, the qualities he values in a woman, and information about himself. The incentive will only be paid out if the man successfully dates the woman for at least four months, he adds. It seems that Cohen needs that long to get to know someone, and it will also shield him from women who are only after his money.

The long list of qualities Cohen is looking for in a lady is not unreasonable, and includes things like having “low neuroticism” and “high conscientiousness.” She should ideally be Jewish and bright with an open mind. She must be willing to move there or somewhere else with similarly beautiful weather if she doesn’t already reside in Southern California, where Cohen is situated. While they get to know one another, the young entrepreneur is prepared to cover her flights and arrange for her to stay in an Airbnb.

He wants a childless, under 5’9″ woman who is between the ages of 20 and 30. A self-aware, humorous, and non-materialistic woman would be perfect, according to the advertisement.

Cohen calls himself “intellectual, friendly, easy-going, even-keeled, authentic, positive, and honest,” according to his own description. I often challenge or make fun of social norms, mostly for the entertainment value it provides. He is very straightforward, has 99.8% European ancestry, enjoys hiking, tennis, traveling, and meeting intriguing people, and lives his life “as if the concept of embarrassment didn’t exist.”

Due to his lack of a strong social network and his recent move to Southern California, Cohen has had trouble actually meeting women. “If you ask around, most women meet guys through their social networks, places of employment, or schools. The issue is, as I previously indicated, that I don’t attend school, have a small social circle in southern California, and that dating your staff is not advised.

Cohen has unsuccessfully used dating apps and websites. He claims he has approached women in bars and other public places, but no substantial relationships have resulted from such encounters.

“I got a brand-new outfit, started working out, purchased a new Benz, furnished my room with exciting devices, developed an outgoing personality, underwent lasik surgery, and more. The incorrect kinds of women that I wasn’t interested in anyhow ended up enticing me, he claims.

After feeling like he had run out of choices, Cohen got the bright notion to crowdsource love. He understood that the popularity of his website may result in a significant audience for an advertisement, and that financial compensation would exponentially increase that audience. According to Cohen, $10,000 is a small sum of money in comparison to the worth of a lifelong partner. It will likely be the best investment of my life in terms of return on investment.

Over 400 messages have been sent to Cohen as a result of his Odd Love commercial, which has so far received 3000 views. Don’t be scared to contact him if you know someone who would be ideal for him or even someone who knows someone. Making money while doing so is, after all, the only thing superior to making someone happy.

If Cohen isn’t your style, consider Alan, who only last month similarly posted an online ad for his dream woman. But he’s not giving anything away.

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