Groom-to-Be Insists on Publicly Revealing Fiancée’s Past at Wedding Ceremony

A Woman Considers Ending Engagement Over Fiancé’s Demand for Red Wedding Dress

As her wedding approached, a woman excitedly planned to wear a white gown, but her fiancé, Ryan, demanded she wear red instead. Despite her initial dismissal of his artistic concerns, the situation escalated when, two weeks before the wedding, she revealed her white dress choice. Ryan explosively insisted on red, expressing a belief that brides should only wear white if they’re “pure.”

Their relationship began when she was 21 and he was 20, both having a previous partner. The confrontation unfolded with Ryan, his mother, and the woman arguing about the symbolism of her chosen dress. Even Ryan’s mother highlighted his lack of virginity, suggesting he should also wear red. Ryan remained firm, claiming her wearing white would deceive guests, emphasizing a double standard for men.

Disgusted and shaken by these revelations, the woman openly vented her frustrations, seeking understanding. In a later update, she revealed breaking off the engagement in her late 20s and faced her first date in six years. Commenters suggested wearing red, highlighting the ongoing impact of her tumultuous relationship with Ryan.

The woman’s decision to end the engagement stirred discussions about societal expectations and double standards. Readers are prompted to reflect on whether they would make a similar choice in such circumstances.

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