“Famous Firearm Factory to Leave New York – A Long Legacy Comes to an End”

In a sad turn of events, Remington, the renowned firearms manufacturer that has been operating in New York since 1828, has decided to close its historic manufacturing plant. This decision comes amid increasingly challenging conditions for conservative businesses and gun companies in the state.

"Remington Arms Factory"

Remington opened a second plant in Huntsville, Alabama, in 2014. While the Alabama plant will continue its operations due to the state’s more favorable stance on firearms, the closure of the New York plant is scheduled to be completed by March 2024.

The plant in question is located in the town of Ilion, New York. It holds the distinction of being the longest-operating firearm manufacturing plant in America and has been a source of employment for generations of families in the surrounding town, with approximately three hundred employees.

The main reasons behind this unfortunate development seem to stem from legal challenges related to New York’s hostile stance towards firearms. One significant lawsuit involved the Sandy Hook families suing Remington in 2015 over the misuse of their “Bushmaster” AR-15 rifle in the tragic shooting incident. A settlement of $73 million was reached between the families and the manufacturer in 2022.

Another legal issue that impacted Remington was the introduction of the NY SAFE Act in 2013. This act imposed strict gun control measures, including new regulations on the possession and sale of firearms, as well as requirements for safe storage. In response to this legislation, Remington had threatened to close its New York facility and subsequently opened the plant in Huntsville, Alabama.

Representative Elise Stefanik, a Republican member of Congress from New York, expressed her concerns over the closure. She blamed the state’s gun laws for driving out the oldest gun manufacturer in the country. Stefanik pledged to work with the company and the union to address the issue and called on Governor Hochul to halt her unconstitutional assault on the Second Amendment.

The closure of Remington’s New York plant marks the end of an era for this iconic firearms manufacturer. It serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by conservative businesses in the current political landscape.

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