Expert Reveals Zodiac Signs Impacted by Tonight’s Flower Moon

The Flower Moon is here, and experts say it will have a significant effect on four star signs. This beautiful phenomenon will reach its peak today at 1:53 pm in the UK, but it has been visible since yesterday and will continue to be visible until 9:59 pm tonight. So, if you’re a moon-lover, make sure to catch a glimpse of it!

The Flower Moon, also known as the Planting Moon, the Milk Moon, and the Hare Moon in the past, gets its name because many flowers bloom in May. It is one of the largest and brightest full moons of the year, according to Royal Museums Greenwich.

Astrologer Inbaal Honigman consulted the stars and discovered that the full moon represents a peak or a top in desires, achievements, or specific goals. After the full moon, there is usually a decline, a calmer period. In terms of relationships, this full moon can bring intense emotions, either in the form of a big fight or a reunion of opposites.

Inbaal also identified four zodiac signs that will be most affected by this year’s Flower Moon:

Taurus, even though this full moon occurs after Taurus season, you will still be impacted because there are several planets in Taurus. If something big is happening in the sky, like the Flower Moon, it will directly affect you. Inbaal advises you to schedule a work-from-home day to avoid the chaos. In terms of love, your partner may feel adventurous due to the influence of this moon in Sagittarius.

Gemini, your season has just begun, and you already get to enjoy the boost that the Flower Moon brings. As an adventurous sign, you will find yourself inspired creatively. You may even have the urge to participate in karaoke nights! Be prepared for your love life to become even more colorful, as this moon in Sagittarius may bring new suitors your way.

As a Cancer, you are ruled by the Moon, so your emotions are strongly influenced by the lunar cycle. This Full Moon works best for those with big personalities, so if you’re feeling a bit timid, Inbaal suggests booking a quick getaway to a secret location. If your partner is peaceful like you, take this opportunity to reconnect and make the break a romantic one.


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