Defying Beauty Norms: 31-Year-Old Teacher Proudly Rejects Eyebrow Tweezing and Mustache Waxing

A 31-year-old Danish lady refuses to shave her mustache in order to think clearly. Eldina Jaganjac, a Copenhagen teacher, has become increasingly frustrated by society’s, mainly men’s, expectations of women, particularly when it comes to hair removal.

Edina cut her mustache in March 2020, at the age of 31, after discovering that she feels just as feminine with facial hair. Despite her lack of concern for her physical beauty, she accepts herself just as she is. Men had to say things like “think” to Edina. He even appeared to have a “third head” peering at him. In her opinion, facial hair keeps people away from her who she doesn’t want around.

Edina, on the other hand, believes that her monobrow and facial hair deter “conservative” suitors, allowing her to meet males who like her for her personality rather than her beauty.

“I used to think that women just had a few options when it came to how they should look before I let my single brow appear. No one notices or complains whether a man doesn’t shave his beard or thinks. It’s nothing out of the ordinary “According to Unilad, Eldina confessed.

“I learned to be strict with myself, just like many other women. For example, I used to avoid leaving the house if my brows were not little and acceptable, and I would avoid going to the gym if my feet were not epilated “, he went on.

“Now, whether I like it or not, I’ve opted to focus on the duties and goals I have and less on how I appear while attempting to complete them. I’m not going to meet many of them, and even if I did, I wouldn’t care “He went on to say,

“It didn’t feel right at first,” Eldina said, “but if people don’t have anything better to do than yell at strangers, then that’s it.”

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