Dad shaves daughter’s head after she bullies girl with cancer and pulls off her wig

A furious dad has shaved his 16-year-old daughter’s head to teach her a lesson after she bullied a girl battling cancer and pulled off her wig.

In a now-deleted Reddit post, the man revealed that his daughter got in trouble at school after she made fun of the student who had lost her hair via cancer treatment.

She went so far as to pull the girl’s wig off as part of her bullying. Since the daughter showed no remorse, the dad figured the only way to teach her a lesson was to be much more direct.


However, as the father pointed out, having “bad blood” with someone doesn’t excuse the daughter’s behavior.

They were apparently fighting because the daughter is dating the other girl’s ex-boyfriend and they’d been at odds ever since.

“Not how I’ve raised my daughter to treat people and it truly disgusted me to hear how she acted from her deputy principle,” he wrote.


In fact, she doubled down on what she did and said the girl in question deserved it. By this point, the dad had enough.


There was no way the man was going to let this situation go, so he gave the teen two options. One, she could throw away every single electronic she owned – phone, computer, etc. – and he would never buy her anymore. Two, she could go to the hairdresser and have her entire head shaved.

Oh, and she doesn’t get a wig – she goes to school like that until it grows back. She ended up choosing that option.


As he shared in the post, “Her mother went ballistic at me saying it will make her the target of bullying (kind of the point, teach her some compassion).”

Keep in mind the dad has full custody of his daughter as his ex-wife has “moved on with her new family,” which is why he didn’t consult her.


“I came up with the punishment because I thought my daughter had an extreme lack of empathy for the girl she bullied,” he says.

“My daughter knows this and that is what really disgusted me with her behavior. It demonstrated a complete and utter lack of empathy. I hoped that her going to school bald and walking a mile in the other girl’s shoes would teach her a lesson.”

So, what do you think? Do you believe the father went too far with the punishment? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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  1. If more parents would teach empathy to their children they would not bully others. The daughter made her choice. The father gave his daughter two choices, let’s find out what type of person she really is.

  2. I applaud the Dad. I wish other parents would take some initiative as well. The girl that lost her hair to cancer did not deserve that kind if treatment. Too bad another student didn’t step up though I think some may have wanted. Shameful!

  3. No the father did the right thing. More parents should teach their children to be better behaved. Be responsible for their own actions.

  4. Great job by the Father! Ask the mother how she would feel if it was her daughter who was being bullied.

  5. Kudos to the Dad ! I hope he made her apologize to that girl too! Since the daughter CHOSE the punishment, NO ONE should criticize him for what was done. Her hair will grow back, some cancer patients hair won’t. I hope this girl learned a lesson from her horrible decisions to attack someone who has a horrible disease as cancer. God Bless this sick child and the dad for doing this!

  6. No the father did not go too far with this punishment to teach his daughter our lesson I would do the same to mind if if she was caught doing this you don’t go around bullying someone that is sick so what goes around comes around

  7. It seems to me your daughter was “crying for attention” for one. For two she lost her boyfriend to the girl with cancer. For Three I don’t blame the boyfriend for having the empathy and compassion and love for the girl with cancer. But most importantly I do not blame the father for giving his daughter a choice of punishment. That was more than fair! I am now 77 years old and I never was given a choice of punishment! My parents chose to beat me either with a leather belt or my father used his fists. I can’t imagine how my parents would have handled this situation. And I am an only child. So getting one’s head shaved is absolutely nothing to cry about. Your hair will grow back. At least you won’t be affected for the rest of your life from beatings.

  8. I think the dad did the right thing. His daughter needed to be taught a lesson. I totally agree with what the father did

  9. Don’t know if you can teach empathy…seems that this child lacks it…no remorse! She sounds a bit narcissistic and that is trouble in itself. She had a choice and chose her path so the father cannot take the whole hit! Whether it was an appropriate decision? I believe children need to learn there are consequences to their behaviors. I would have given her the decision and then select the one she didn’t choose. Effective? Depends if she learned anything from the situation! If she didn’t, she needs deeper help! I applaud some form of punishment!

  10. I think the father did exactly what he should’ve done. That young lady needed to learn a lesson at a young age in order to change her attitude in the future. That’s despicable behavior! Wish we had more parents like that instead of letting our youth get away with being disrespectful to other people

  11. Dad was right on point with what he gave her as options. She chose the punishment. Kids these days need to learn when they choose the behavior they are also choosing the the consequences.

  12. This father absolutely did not go too far! I highly doubt the little girl got bullied by the other kids at school because her head was shaved! If anything, the girl and all her friends probably made a big joke of it…so sad to say! Kids are so terribly cruel, and I doubt the girl learned one thing from this punishment! But, nice try dad!

  13. Good for the dad. She deserved and learned an important life lesson. Bet she thinks twice before doing something like that again. Good parenting!

  14. It doesn’t matter what I Think. he’s the parent of that child and he can do what he wants as a punishment.

  15. Well done, dad! You gave her an option, which was fair. I applaud you, this will give her something to think about. There’s bullying then there’s just plain mean. She got a dose of her own medicine

  16. He done exactly what he should done,she needs to learn a hard lesson in life the girl she bullied had no choice she did not choose to have ,cancer as I didn’t choose to have it they don’t know how horrble it is to have cancer I give the Dad thumbs up at what he did more Parenta should do the same thing! Wonderful father keep it up you are a top Dad!

  17. I think the punishment is exactly what the little brat needed. She wants to bully someone battling a life threatening disease who is already sickened and weakened from the treatments meant to save her life, and whose sole focus should be surviving the treatments and disease. Then she gets to walk in her shoes and find out how bullying effects someone. She may not have cancer like the girl she bullied, but she’ll get a little taste of how she treated her.

  18. I say good for that Dad if there were more dads like this Dad they’re probably wouldn’t be so many rotten disbehaved spoiled kids out there kids today no that they can get away with everything because the parents cannot discipline them. We need more parents like this parent to keep their kids in line and show respect.
    Good for you Dad teach her now so she doesn’t end up in jail later.

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