Coughing Teen Girl Asks Dad To Take Her To Hospital, Hours Later He’s Left Heartbroken

Tom Mitchell’s world was shattered when his 16-year-old daughter, Shayla, fell ill. Initially, they thought it was a simple sinus infection, but their lives took an unexpected turn that fateful day. As they headed to the doctor’s office, little did they know that their lives would never be the same again.

After a dinner in the pediatric oncology unit at Fairfax Hospital, their plates barely touched, the devastating truth emerged. Shayla’s sinus infection turned out to be a cancerous tumor occupying a significant portion of her chest, causing her lung to collapse. But the journey would become even more arduous.

Over the next couple of years, Tom and Shayla found themselves spending countless nights in hospital rooms, enduring chemotherapy, procedures, tests, and heart surgeries. Tom stood strong by Shayla’s side, providing unwavering support and love throughout the grueling ordeal. They shared tears, laughter, and a promise to be brave together.

Tom’s commitment was unwavering as he witnessed Shayla’s suffering. He held her hair as she endured bouts of sickness, held her hand as her hair fell out, and held her tight through the ups and downs. Together, they discovered the power of laughter and resilience amidst the darkness.

However, a terrifying incident during their journey left an indelible mark on Tom’s heart. On their way to a chemotherapy session, Shayla’s pacemaker/defibrillator malfunctioned, sending powerful electrical shocks through her body. Tom held her tightly, refusing to let go despite the agony. The faulty device served as a haunting reminder of the fragility of life and the strength they had exhibited.

Despite facing setbacks, including a failed bone marrow transplant, Shayla’s determination never wavered. She cared for her father even as her own battle raged on. Yet, the day arrived when doctors could do no more. Tom faced the heart-wrenching task of revealing the devastating truth: Shayla’s time was limited.

Summoning his courage, Tom fulfilled his promise to be brave. He shared the news with Shayla, and what transpired was a profound and poignant conversation. In that moment, Tom saw the weariness in Shayla’s eyes. He realized that her bravery wasn’t just for herself—it was for him too. In a soft whisper, Shayla asked, “Am I still brave, Dad?” Tom, with tears in his eyes, assured her that she was the embodiment of courage.

A few days later, Shayla succumbed to childhood cancer. However, her spirit lives on through the Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation, founded by Tom in her memory. The foundation’s mission is to continue the fight that Shayla couldn’t, offering support and hope to other children battling cancer.

Tom Mitchell’s story is one of love, resilience, and unwavering dedication. It serves as a powerful reminder of the impact one person’s bravery can have on the lives of others. Through the Stillbrave Foundation, Shayla’s legacy shines brightly, ensuring that no child faces cancer alone and that parents receive the support they need.

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