Children of Cheapskate Parents Reveal Their Most Insane Stories

For those who are frugal, being frugal is a way of life and every cent is a treasure. Cheapskates don’t enjoy spending their hard-earned money on opulent lifestyles, unlike certain individuals. Regardless of their wealth, these individuals will always make every dollar matter.


Most likely, you have encountered a cheapskate. These individuals frequently hunt for the greatest offers, repurpose items, etc. For them, making the most of every purchase brings them happiness and is more important than simply spending money.

Whether it’s a complimentary cup of coffee, a mini shampoo sample, or a promotional pen, receiving something for free is always reason for joy. If you have never dealt with a stringy person before, be ready to be amazed as these kids from cheapskate parents shared some of the bizarre things that happened to them growing up. What they said was as follows.


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1. How My Dad Used a Wise Move to Get a Free Bar of Soap

My dad invited someone to give a free demonstration of an under-sink water filter when he first moved into his home. After performing his demonstration with a bar of soap, the guy walked away.


My dad never meant to have a water filter installed; he called at least four other companies for a free demonstration, only to keep the free bar of soap. He acts in this way, and as he gets older, it gets worse. But I simply let him carry out his actions.

2. My father’s obsession with paper towels

u/TheCommonStew: Dad saves all of his paper towels. He doesn’t want me to waste them, so even at 21 he still wants me to obtain permission before using them. His anxiety that I might waste them made me think that I was paying $100 for a roll.

He only buys the cheapest item that breaks or doesn’t function as well, which makes him a cheapskate who spends twice as much money on everything. I spilled a gallon of milk all over his house while my girlfriend and I were there. She reached for a roll of paper towels and used it all to mop up the mess.

I felt so sinful helping her, but the look on my dad’s face when he found out we used a whole roll, was priceless. I knew he wouldn’t yell at us because he was too polite to yell in front of my girlfriend. But, he was visibly holding back his pain, anger, and heartbreak over the “wasted” roll.

3. My Dad’s Unique Approach to Saving Every Coin

u/notronbro: Oh my God, dads are terrible. Mine hates paying for electricity, so he hangs his clothes up outside, which would be fine if he didn’t do it year-round, even when it’s below freezing.

Whenever my sisters or I cleaned our rooms, he would go through our trash, looking for “valuables” we had thrown away (money or recyclables). He’s obsessed with gas prices, and I once sat in the car with him as he drove around town for half an hour searching for the cheapest gas.

When he wants to drive down a hill, he literally puts his car in neutral, opens the door, and pushes himself down the hill with his foot. One time, we went to a Burger King, and I was only allowed chicken fries because a burger was “too expensive .”

4. Meet the Return Policy Maestro

u/halfadash6: My father took insane advantage of the Costco return policy. He returned an outdoor furniture set we’d had for about eight years. It was weather-worn, and a couple of pieces were broken. They took it, and he used the money to pay for most of a new patio set from Costco. Unbelievable.

5. Unveiling the Frugal Achievements of My Grandmother

u/Acetylene: When I was a little kid, I spent summers at my grandparents’ house, and one of my chores was setting the table before dinner every night. Whenever we had company for dinner, I was instructed to use “the good napkins.”

That meant the napkins that didn’t have restaurant logos printed on them. We only went to restaurants when my grandmother felt she could come out ahead on the deal, and there were many ways to accomplish this.

She clipped coupons, of course, but that was kids’ stuff. Whenever she did anything for someone, she’d get them to take her to dinner to “return the favor.” She had an enormous purse, which generally returned stuffed with napkins and food from the buffet.

She didn’t see much point in going to any restaurant that didn’t at least have a salad bar. One year, when my mother and I offered to take her to dinner for her birthday, we had to drive over an hour to get to a Sizzler she hadn’t been banned from.

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