Celine Dion cancels concerts in 2023–2024 due to health issues

The iconic pop singer Celine Dion postponed all of her shows in 2023 and 2024 because she felt too weak to go on tour while dealing with a serious neurological condition.

The 55-year-old Canadian singer claimed in 2017 that her Stiff-Person Syndrome condition affected her ability to sing.

We should postpone plans until I’m truly prepared to return to the stage, Dion tweeted, “even though it hurts to let you all down again.”.

I’m not giving up, and I can’t wait to see you again, she continued.

In a statement, the tour said, “With a sense of great disappointment, Celine Dion’s Courage World Tour announced the cancellation of all remaining dates currently on sale for 2023 and 2024. ”.

Dion, one of the best female vocalists, is the voice behind hits like Because You Loved Me, My Heart Will Go On, and Think Twice. She has an octave-busting voice.

She revealed in a tearful Instagram video that she recently received a Stiff-Person Syndrome diagnosis and would not be ready to start her European tour in February as originally planned in December 2022.

She claimed that the condition was causing muscle spasms and “not allowing me to use my vocal cords to sing the way I’m used to.”.

Patients frequently experience stiffness in their torso, arms, and legs, and noise or a mental disturbance has been known to trigger spasms.

Her 16-country European tour, which was to start in Amsterdam in August and end with two performances at London’s O2 stadium in April of the following year, would be impacted by the cancellations.

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak postponing the remaining dates of Dion’s “Courage World Tour,” she had performed at 52 concerts since it began in 2019. She ultimately made the decision to halt the North American leg of the tour due to her health problems.

Fans responded online, disappointed but sending Dion their best wishes.

“Not shocking, but no less depressing. We are with you, Celine. Have courage,” one fan information account @LesRedHeads wrote.

Take care of yourself, queen; you don’t need to apologize. Your health should be your top priority, @notaerz wrote.

Dion was born in Quebec, Canada, the youngest of 14 children. Her mother sent a recording of her when she was 12 years old to Angelil, who used his own house as collateral to fund her debut album. After taking English classes in the 1980s, she switched from singing in French to doing singles in English.

She became a global superstar in 1997 with the release of My Heart Will Go On, the soundtrack to James Cameron’s wildly popular film Titanic.

She turned her fame into a steady career at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, where she entertained crowds for 16 years with only a few breaks.

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