Can You Find The Two Cats In This Picture? Only 1 Out Of 10 People Can…

Do you believe you belong to the top 1% when it comes to observation?

A TikTok user named @HecticNick uploaded a video in which a family is seen sitting in their living room, with the caption “Spot two hidden cats.”

He stated: “Only one percent of people can find the two hidden cats in this image.

“It’s not easy to find them so let me know if you can see them and send this to a friend so they can try.”

Nick continued: “Can you find both of them?”

In this image, a father is seen reading the newspaper while his wife sits in a chair and their daughter plays on the floor.

While these characters are obvious, it might take you a few seconds longer to spot the hidden cats.

Will you make it to the top one percent?

Many people were torn in the comments, with one commenter writing: “I only see one.”

Another person said: “I found all.”

It’s not the only difficult issue that has seen a rise in popularity online.

The second animal was hidden in an optical illusion, which challenged people to identify it within 20 seconds.

The black-and-white image depicts an animal on a limb – but can you find the second creature in it?

If you don’t, all you have to do is turn your phone upside down.

Rana posted a visual illusion on TikTok with the caption What do you see? #tree #test #challenge #ranaillusions.

He wrote: “Look closely at this image. If you can’t figure out what’s going on, flip your phone upside down.”

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