Brain Teaser for Your IQ Test: Can you spot the mistake in this family’s dining table picture in 11 seconds?

The error in this family’s dining room photo can only be seen by those with a high IQ in 11 seconds! Take a test on your ability to observe today!

In just 11 seconds, identify the error in this family’s dining room photo!

Brain teasers are puzzles or tasks that require you to think critically and engage your mind in an enjoyable way. They are similar to mini-games that put your creativity, reasoning, and problem-solving abilities to the test.

Brain teasers are popular because they act as mental exercises. They keep you intelligent and incisive by forcing you to think creatively.

In these brainteasers, the player must identify the error in a picture.

All ages may solve these problems. These puzzles are enjoyable to all.

We have therefore presented you with a difficult brainteaser.

Brain Teaser: Identify the error!

A family is seated at the dining table in the image above. On the dinner table are spoons, plates, and a bird. Thus, you have eleven seconds to locate the error in this image!

Tip: Pay close attention to every area of this image.

These puzzles are enjoyable and difficult.

Thus, the time to find the error has begun!

Need to Try:

Did you see the error?

These kinds of puzzles test your vision and are difficult for the individual.

For these puzzles to work at their best, you must identify the error without viewing the answer.

Have you identified the error?

Move quickly! There are only 11 seconds remaining.

Time is of the essence!




The time is up!

Best wishes! Thanks those who have identified the error.

If you are still unable to see it, scroll up once more, examine the image closely, and locate the error without using a timer.

Are you anticipating this puzzle’s solution?

So, here is how this puzzle gets solved.


The two sides of the glasses are not the same. There is an oval shape on one side and a rectangular shape on the other.

Wishful! You seemed to like this brainteaser.

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