Best Ranked Hot Dog In America Found At The Place You’d Least Expect

The best hot dog in America is hiding in the most unlikely place: Costco’s. Hundreds of restaurants and scores of sidewalk stands have been outdone by the local bulk retail store grill.

The simple hot dog rates well in all categories. It is inexpensive, filling, tasty, and even the bun is high quality. Shoppers who simply find their items and rush past the grill counter to the parking lot are missing what might be Costco’s best product.The price is the first point of excellence.

Each hot dog sells for $1.50. The sausage is almost twice the size of a typical hot dog. The dog may be inexpensive, but it still tastes good.

Diners have compared the flavor to Kielbasa without the same rich aftertaste. The hot dog is juicy and maintains the flavor of the grill without overpowering the flavor of the spices in the meat. Costco offers several toppings, ranging from simple mustard and ketchup to onions and tangy sauerkraut.

Although the condiments are a nice complement to the sandwich, the hot dog itself does not require treatment to mask excessive salt or improve on the flavor.

The Costco hot dog has one more element that helps it top all other hot dogs in America. The bun is exactly right. The bread is soft and tasty, yet the condiments do not soak into the bun and create a soggy mess.

The bun completes the Costco hot dog and makes it easily rank as the best in America.

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