American Airlines is suing travel site Skiplagged over a ‘loophole’ in the ticket price

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American Airlines has sued Skiplagged, a cheap flight travel site that offers “hidden city” ticket booking flights.

the lawsuitwhich Americans filed this week in federal court in Fort Worth, Texas, accuses Skiplagged of deception, as the site allows travelers to book a connecting flight that’s usually cheaper than a nonstop and not fly to the final destination of the route.

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According to American, Skiplagged “employs unauthorized and deceptive ticketing practices, enticing consumers to participate in those deceptive practices by promising savings, then not delivering”.

“Instead, Skiplagged often charges consumers more than if they had booked a ticket directly with an American or through an authorized agent for America,” the suit said.

She went on to accuse Skiplagged of deceiving the public into believing that “although she has no authority to form and issue a contract on America’s behalf, somehow she can still issue a perfectly valid ticket.”

The lawsuit also alleges that Skiplagged tricks customers into believing that the US pricing it is offering “will give the consumer access to some sort of secret ‘loophole’.” However, many of the prices shown on Skiplagged are actually higher than what customers would pay if they purchased a ticket directly from the US website or through an official authorized US agent.

American went on to threaten to void every ticket Skiplagged sells, saying, “Every ‘ticket’ Skiplagged uses is at risk of being voided.”

In addition to the lawsuit seeking a permanent injunction requiring Skiplagged to comply with airline restrictions, it seeks to legally account for all sales of US flights made by Skiplagged, accounting for all sales of US flights made by Skiplagged through any other travel agencies. Damages, as well as all actual damages incurred by American as a result of Skiplagged’s actions.

Although the practice of “skiplagging” in general is not illegal, many airlines have cracked down on the loophole as they argue that the practice violates their policies.

Moreover, there are some restrictions that passengers may encounter when skipping. For example, the process will not work if the passenger chooses to check baggage, as the baggage is normally tagged to the passenger’s final destination.

Moreover, this practice only works with one-way tickets because if one part of the flight is skipped, the rest of the flight reservation will be cancelled, like different travel websites warning. For passengers seeking to embark on round trips, two separate one-way tickets will be required.

Last month, American banned A 17-year-old has been suspended from flying his plane for three years after he planned to disembark in Charlotte, North Carolina, having flown in from Gainesville, Florida, even though New York City was listed as the final destination for his ticket.

“His ticket got canceled and he was banned from AA for three years but he didn’t actually do anything wrong. He didn’t even get a boarding pass,” the teenage boy’s father, Hunter Parsons, said. Tell early last month.

“He was left to fend for himself 500 miles from home. He broke no policy or broke any contract. He simply went to the counter to get his boarding pass.”

In January 2021, America issued Notice to travel agents that they will start monitoring “skiplag” bookings.

The US lawsuit against Skiplagged follows an earlier lawsuit that United Airlines and travel agency Orbitz filed against the company in 2014. The lawsuit, filed against Skiplagged’s founder, Aktarer Zaman, Accused interferes “intentionally and in a malicious manner” with their operations and advertises “prohibited forms of travel”.

In 2015, Time Settlement With Orbitz and Chicago Judge eviction the lawsuit against him.

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