A girl on the plane was saved by a flight attendant.

“At first, I sensed that something was off. He was much more mature than the girl sitting next to him, and he reacted violently to any movement around him. I’m happy I was able to intervene quickly and save a life.”  What truly happened is as follows:

“You end up spending a lot of time with individuals when working as a flight attendant.”

“This is how you are able to determine a man’s character and intentions right away. From the scenario in which you know you will have issues with a specific individual during the journey to the one in which you will have to take care of another because he is terrified and might be hurt at any time.”

Alaska Airlines has employed Sheila Frederick, 49, as a flight attendant for more than 15 years.

She observed a girl traveling from Seattle to San Francisco with a man who appeared to be considerably older and rather scary. The girl seemed to be between the ages of 14 and 15 and was really terrified.



Sheila was the little girl’s lucky charm since she was traveling on a plane that would transform her life into a nightmare. You never know where the good you need in a bad situation will come from.

“I had a pretty odd impression of this girl. I sensed that there was a problem. The fact that the girl was so badly dressed in comparison to the male was the first indication.”  Too much of a difference, Sheila thinks.

The woman took a stance and chose to confront the two. The girl said nothing at all, and the man was acting defensively.

Sheila walked away and came up with another plan to speak with the girl and find out whether everything was alright. After the girl left the restroom, she proceeded to verify the message she had left in the toilet of the aircraft. “I need help,” she wrote. The woman picked up the phone and dialed 911 after viewing the ticket. The individual was looked into once they got off the plane, and it was discovered that he was evidently involved in prostitution, leading to his arrest.

What a lucky girl this young girl was to have Sheila!

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