8 Simple Ways To Prevent Snakes From Entering Your Yard

How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Yard
I don’t mind snakes. They’re gentle, shy, and prefer to keep to themselves. However, encountering one while gardening or relaxing on your deck can be unpleasant. If you dislike snakes, don’t worry. Here are several ways to keep them away without using harsh chemicals or cruel methods.

1. Cut Off Their Food Supply

Snakes are attracted to food sources like mice, rats, discarded birdseed, and fruit. Ensure your compost bin is completely sealed. If you have bird feeders, place them at the perimeter of your yard, away from your home.

2. Plant Lemongrass

Planting lemongrass in your garden is a simple way to deter snakes. They hate the citrusy smell, which also repels mosquitoes.

3. Use a Citrus Solution

You can make a citrus solution by adding lemon or orange rinds to a jar of water and letting it sit for 24 hours. Spray this solution on patio furniture and around your deck to keep snakes away.

4. Maintain Your Yard

Keep your yard tidy by removing weeds, sticks, and debris. These can be perfect hiding spots for snakes. A well-maintained yard is less likely to attract them.

5. Seal Off Your Home

Prevent snakes from entering your home by sealing any cracks in your foundation and around doors and windows. Ensure there are no holes in window screens as well.

6. Make a DIY Snake Repellent

Avoid chemical repellents, which can be harmful to pets, family, and plants. Instead, mix equal parts cinnamon oil and clove oil to create a natural snake repellent. Spray this solution around your home’s perimeter and other potential snake hiding spots.

7. Use Mothballs

Mothballs can deter snakes as well as insects. Place them around your home’s foundation and back porch. However, keep mothballs out of reach of children and pets, as they are poisonous.

8. Relocate Them

If other methods fail, use humane snake traps. Place them around your yard, and when you trap a snake, release it in a wooded area away from your home.

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