39 Years Ago, Her Dead Body Was Discovered In A Cornfield. We Finally Discovered Her Identity Today

Back on Halloween night in 1981, a horrific crime took place. A young woman was brutally murdered and left on the side of the road. The identity of the victim remained a mystery for almost four decades, despite the police apprehending and getting a confession from the killer. The murderer never disclosed the name of his victim before he passed away. For years, this unsolved case has puzzled investigators.

But now, a breakthrough has occurred. Authorities believe they have finally identified the young woman who was found in a cornfield in Georgia in 1981. It all started when a tip about the crime led to successful DNA testing.

The woman, previously referred to as “Jane Doe,” has now been identified as Cheryl Hammack, a traveling carnival worker. When her body was discovered in the cornfield, it was so badly beaten and disfigured that identification became a challenge. The autopsy report revealed that she had been brutally stabbed in the stomach and strangled to death.

Police had very little to go on when trying to identify her. They only knew basic details like her height and weight, which were five feet and two inches and one hundred five pounds. They estimated her age to be between eighteen and twenty-four.

Despite their efforts to match these details with the database of missing persons, investigators were unable to find a match. The police even released a sketch of the victim in the hopes that someone would come forward with an identification or lead, but unfortunately, no one recognized “Jane Doe.”

Tragically, the woman was buried with an inscription on her tombstone that read: “Known only to God.” However, while the victim remained unidentified, the police were aware of the man responsible for her murder. George Newsome, a worker at a traveling fair in a nearby town, was the prime suspect. A rope found in his vehicle matched the type used to strangle the victim. Although Newsome never cooperated, he was arrested and eventually confessed to the crime. He never disclosed the victim’s name to investigators. Newsome passed away in prison in 1988.

For thirty-nine years, the case remained cold until someone saw a police sketch on Facebook. The woman believed the victim resembled her missing friend, Cheryl Hammack. DNA testing was conducted using samples provided by Hammack’s relatives, and a match was found. Finally, Cheryl Hammack can be laid to rest knowing her identity has been discovered.

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