Little Girl’s Final Act Of Kindness Before Taking Her Life On The Playground

The grieving parents of a young girl have honored her memory through an incredible act of generosity by donating her organs. Aurora Masters, a five-year-old, tragically passed away on May 13, following a freak accident that resulted in her accidental strangulation on a disc swing just five days earlier. Her family made the heart-wrenching decision to turn off her life support after doctors confirmed she had suffered fatal brain damage.







Tom and Krystal Masters, Aurora’s parents, revealed that her organs were donated to Donor Alliance, an organization dedicated to organ and tissue donation for transplantation in Colorado and most of Wyoming. “We know that Aurora’s heart is beating somewhere,” said Krystal, with Tom adding that this knowledge “genuinely helps” them cope with their immense grief.

Aurora’s family described the donation as a final act of kindness from a little girl who always wanted to help and lead. “I am proud of my daughter,” Krystal told KUSA. “I was already proud, but she’s still giving.”

A GoFundMe campaign has raised over $30,000, showing the outpouring of love and support from family and friends. The family wrote, “Our sweet Aurora Rae has once again demonstrated her ninja quality of bravery, partnering with the Donor Alliance to complete her giving of gifts. She is demonstrating the qualities of a black belt.”







A service in Aurora’s honor will be held on Saturday, June 8, at a local church. “Our hearts are shattered, and we continue the journey to honor and celebrate her worldly gifts,” the family shared.

Aurora, from Fort Collins, was playing in her family’s garden when the accident happened. She had moved her small plastic slide close to a disc swing and somehow got her neck caught in the ropes while sliding down. This tragic incident led to her brain being starved of oxygen. Doctors at the Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora delivered the devastating news that she would not survive.

In the face of this tragedy, the Masters family found solace in the support of their extended family, with 19 members traveling from Wyoming and Nebraska to be by Aurora’s bedside. “We do know the power of family,” said her aunt Kennedy.







Aurora was pronounced dead on May 13. The family has struggled to comprehend how the accident occurred, as it seemed to happen while she was innocently playing on her own outside. Her aunt Kennedy explained, “She pulled her little plastic slide over to where her swing was and somehow got caught up in the swing, and the swing strangled her.”

Tom Masters spoke about how Aurora had reinvigorated his life when she was born. “She came along when I was in a really bad mental health place,” he told the Denver Post. “It felt like there was something almost magical about her. I’m hearing all these stories that she was like that for everybody.” He added, “She literally just had fun and went around and brought her light with her and gave it away for free.”

Krystal hopes Aurora’s story will inspire other families to cherish every moment with their children. “I guess what I would say to parents is: Love your kid every minute, have a dance party, and just live life. Because you never know when it’s going away.”

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